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Putt18 Testimonials

Brendan James, NSW: 

“Putt18 has not only improved my putting but it has sparked an interest in golf with my kids … and it can be set up as quick as any board game.”

Daniel from Sydney, NSW: 
Putt18 is a great game for practising your putting skills. 

Chantal from Kyle Bay, NSW:
The kids love this game and want to keep playing. The Challenge disc is their favourite. Better than Twister.

Brad and Naomi from Toowoon Bay, NSW:
We played Putt18 at Davistown RSL and loved it. So we bought it to play at home. 

Rhonda from Bateau Bay, NSW: 
Putt18 is a great Christmas present for the family this year. I like the idea that the grandkids can play with the entire family in the living room. 

Sally from Nora Head, NSW:  
My partner and I regularly play golf and sometimes have friends over and love playing Putt18. Especially with a couple of drinks. Lots of fun and us girls win most of the time.

Keith and Olive NSW: 
We bought this game for the grandkids to play. It was nice to see the parents and our grandkids playing together.

Great game to play at home. Love the tactics involved.  

I met Glenn at Davistown RSL and had a ball playing Putt18. I'm convinced this Christmas present is something I will definitely share with the kids.

Fred Greene: Golf Smarter

"Golf is fun for the whole family, and putting is the best way to get your children started. Putt18 makes it fun, easy, and educational. And it’s great for use indoors! What more can a parent ask for?!"

Fred Greene: Host - Golf Smarter Podcast - @GolfSmarter

Yetman Public School

"We used the PUTT18 kit as part of our small school Kindergarten - Year 6 golf program for sport. Two of our students have special needs that require them to be in wheelchairs and/or walkers and they were able to participate by using the special putters provided in our kit. These putters were ordered especially for these students by quickly and easily making some simple measurements and contacting the company ensuring that the equipment was of a suitable size for them. The putters allowed all members of our small school to participate in a variety of golf activities together. Thank you Glenn and Putt18!"

Jen Kilner - School Administrative Manager - Yetman Public School

Sir Eric Woodward School

“The Putt18 kit was given its first outing at our school Fun Fair. It was an immediate hit with dads who were keen to get involved with their children and show-off their putting skills.  Students also really enjoyed the format and being able to score a 'birdie' or hole-in-one.  As we also have students with complex physical challenges, the adapted putters and larger ball size enabled supported inclusion for all students. The Putt18 kit has increased student engagement and participation in physical activity at our school where space is limited”

Sue Bell - Assistant Principal (R) - Sir Eric Woodward School

Dave Sawtell

Hi my name is Dave Sawtell. I’m the 2014 world long drive golf champion for people in wheelchairs, I’m also a World and Guinness World record holder. I myself have been helping with Putt18 and I fully recommend Putt18.

It is a great way for all disable people like myself to get out and be active be that in schools or social activities on weekends.

It will be great to see this going for all abilities able or disable.