Wheelchair Putting

Wheelchair Putting

Wheelchair Putting is a new indoor activity utilizing the Putt18 Putting Mat. We are about to launch a number of Come and Try Days where people of all abilities including wheelchair users can come and try putting in a social environment. Feel free to bring your partner, family, friends and carers along. We will be organizing regular locations and posting the days and times on our website. CLICK HERE for more information. We will provide all the adaptive equipment on the day. 

Each players’ score is determined by where their ball finishes. Putt18 is very flexible, enabling single or group play for varying lengths of time.

Putt18 Putters

We can measure, fit and manufacture putters on an individual basis. The putters that we make are specially designed for people in wheelchairs.

Putt18 Putter Sleeve

Depending on muscle strength our Putter Sleeves can help to stabilise the putter. The Putter Sleeves can be worn around the hand, around the forearm or around both if required. We have Small, Medium and Large sizes available. The Putter Sleeves are made in Australia from medical grade elastic. 

Game Variations

• Play 9 or 18 holes
• Play single player or team scoring
• Stroke play or Match play
• Putt for pars, birdies and eagles
• Avoid the water and bunkers just like a real game of golf
• Play your Wild Cards to change the game

The Mulligan Card allows you to replay one shot. The Bonus Hole Card reduces your score by one shot on one hole. The Challenge Card lets you make another player replay their shot. 

Contact us for more information on Wheelchair Putting.