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Putt18 works well because school age children have more refined gross motor skills and the cognitive skills to follow the logic of a game with rules. Sportsmanship and teamwork are explored through active play. As children learn to play team games, educators play a role in mentoring, role-playing and intentionally teaching the concept of sportsmanship, and how to deal with the difficulty of losing. Putt18 promotes cooperation, respect, consideration for the safety and wellbeing of others and encouragement to achieve both individual and team goals. Putt18 also encourages team play and fun, but also to practice the skills of turn-taking, how to enter and exit play, as well as how to control impulses and manage feelings around winning and losing that are acceptable to the group. 

School students enjoy social engagement with an easy to play sport. School Teachers like it because it promotes cooperation, respect of others and encouragement to achieve both individual and team goals. Putt18 also has a STEM’s element to the scoring.

More About Putt18 For Schools


Putt18 is an interactive Golf Putting Game that is great resource for your school. Our Putt18 School Kits consist of a number of robust, high quality golf putting mats and soft putters and soft golf balls. Each student's score is determined by where their ball finishes on the Putt18 mat. Putt18 is very flexible, enabling single or group play for varying lengths of time. A full class of students would take about 30 to 40 minutes to play 9 holes. Putt18 is portable and easy to roll out and put away. No need to leave the school and great on wet days. Putt18 is ideally suited to children aged between 10 and 17 years of age.


For children between the ages of 6 and 9 we change the way they play slightly. The younger children have a different set of achievable and realistic goals. We have included a number of games that make the activity interesting and fun. The children have several games that register wherever the ball finishes. There is also a Native Animal Version available outlined below. 


Putt18 can be used to compliment students with special needs. We have created a range of modified putters and putter sleeves for those students in wheelchairs. For special needs students we can incorporate large coloured balls, larger putters and large putting discs for indoor and outdoor use. We can modify putters for individual students. This depends largely on the size of the chair, their physical strength and any movement limitations of the person. Please ask for our fitting template should this be of interest. It’s been our experience that either using the putter from the side of the chair, from between their legs or from above the knees has the greatest success. This also depends on arm/shoulder movement and strength. For younger children and children with special needs we have created a Native Animal Version of Putt18 with the goal to collect as many Native Animals as they can using the Game Print Outs.  Children Can mark off the sheet when they land on a corresponding animal.

Putt18 is available in 3 sizes.

3 Mat Kit  6 Mat Kit  9 Mat Kit

Each size includes a carry bag, soft putters, soft golf balls, score cards and a user guide with game formats and variations. Kits can also be purchased without Putters and Balls should you already have them.