Schools and Childcare

Golf putting mat game for schools and childcare centres

Putt18 is a interactive Golf Putting Game that is great resource for your school. Our Putt18 School Kits consist of a number of robust, high quality golf putting mats and soft putters and soft golf balls. Each players’ score is determined by where their ball finishes on the Putt18 mat. Putt18 is very flexible, enabling single or group play for varying lengths of time. A full class of students would take about 30 to 40 minutes to play 9 holes. Putt18 is portable and easy to roll out and put away. No need to leave the school and get on wet days. Putt18 is ideally suited to children aged between 10 and 14 years of age. Or for children in year 5 to year 8. In 2020 we will be introducing the Putt18 Scoring App for Schools. For more information CLICK HERE.

Why Putt18?

Putt18 is both a fun and skills development tool for teachers. 

The Putt18 golf putting game is perfect for children because it promotes and develops:
• co-operation
• respect
• consideration for the safety and well-being of others
• teamwork
• goal setting
• sharing and taking turns
• impulse control
• managing feelings around winning and losing
• implementing maths (STEM based) skills while scoring 

Putt18 is available in 3 sizes.

3 Mat Kit

6 Mat Kit

9 Mat Kit

Each size includes a carry bag, soft putters, soft golf balls, score cards and a user guide with game formats and variations. Kits can also be purchased without Putters and Balls should you already have them. Suitable for Upper Primary (Years 5 and 6) and Lower Secondary Levels (Years 7 and 8).

We do include Games for younger students to play within the User Guide. An Native Animal Putting version is also available for children under 8 or for children with Special Needs. Click here to find out more