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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When playing the home version can I use the Challenge Disc to save someone else.
A: Yes you can.

Q: When playing the home version if I use the Bonus Hole Disc on the Par 3 and the ball rolls in the -2 area does that mean the score is now a -3.
A: Yes, this is the lowest score you can have. You will need to write down a Zero "0" on your score card. Remember you must nominate the Hole before you play the Bonus Hole Disc.

Q: Can I give my Challenge, Mulligan or Bonus Disc to someone else during the match.
A: No, each of the discs must be played by the player. 

Q: How long must I wait before I can play my next Putt?
A: You must allow enough time for all other players to Challenge your putt before you Putt your next Putt. Usually, at least 5 seconds.

Q: Where can I get more Score Cards?
A: We do have more score cards if you need them. Just contact us via the website.

Q: Can I use real Golf Balls with the Putt18 Game.
A: Yes, you can. We have the official Putt18 Golf Balls that we use at our venues. The Putt18 Golf Balls have been specially design for optimum performance of the Putt18 Putting Mat. Available in packs of 6. 

Q: Can I Challenge a player that has used their Bonus Hole Disc.
A: Yes, you can. Players need to be aware of who has a Challenge Disc left before they decide to use your Bonus Hole Disc.