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About us

"I wanted to believe that Putting could be exciting and challenging just like on the golf course. Not just putting to a hole or ball return. But how do you do that? How do you create an interactive and challenging game that is fun and easy to play. Well, I've created a Putting Game called Putt18. It's a lot of fun, easy to play and I hope you enjoy it." Glenn Palmer.


After more than 10 years designing and manufacturing Putting Mats and Training Aids in Australia, Glenn has spent almost 6 years taking a seemingly simple idea and turning it into a multi-use product. One Putting Game that comes in several sizes with variations catering to people of all ages. Putt18 is entertaining and will have you laughing.  

"In general Putting Mats are pretty boring. I'd been making my own brand of Putting Mats called ProMaster and Putting Aids for about 10 years. It was more of a hobby back then. But even the ProMaster range of Putting Mats, despite including break shapes, break snakes and hole reducers didn't seem interactive enough to me. 

So, the key was to create a game that scored like a round of golf that was simple, quick and easy to set up and play. A game that could challenge the best putters and also engage someone that hasn't held a putter in their hand before. Make the game able to play strokeplay and matchplay for up to 4 players, then add in a few wild cards just for fun and there you have it Putt18 was born.

Now we had a Putting Game that appeals to a wide cross section of people, not just golfers and not just here in Australia". Glenn Palmer.

Putt18 allows people to:

  • Play 9 or 18 holes
  • Play Strokeplay or Matchplay
  • Putt for pars, birdies and eagles
  • Avoid the Water and Bunkers
  • Use the Wild Cards to change the game
  • Play single player or team player scoring

Where will you see Putt18:


The retail version was recently launched at the PGA Merchandising Show in Orlando Florida in January 2017.  

PGA Merchandising Show Press Release1

PGA Merchandising Show Press Release 2


We have several versions of the Putt18 product and cater to a number of market segments.  

Interactive - Social – Fun