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Collection: Why are there no holes on the Putt18 Putting Mat?

Every now and then the team here at Putt18 get asked questions, such as, why is there no hole on the Putt18 Putting Mat? What makes Putt18 a game? Is Putt18 easy to play? etc. So who else is better to answer those questions in detail than the creator of Putt18 himself.

Glenn Palmer has spent just over 10 years developing and designing Putting/Golf related products. Putt18 is the accumulation of customers requests and those above mentioned years' experience. Im just a curious human.



From: Denis ******** [mailto:d********]
Sent: Wednesday, 14 March 2018 5:59 PM
To: Glenn Palmer
Subject: Re: Blast from the past

Haven’t aged a bit.

Out of personal curiosity,  why did you end up removing the physical hole on the putting mats? More skill required?

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On 14 Mar 2018, at 9:29 pm, Glenn Palmer <> wrote:


There is more skill to putting to a point. Removing the expectation of sinking the putt is a confidence builder as well. The 3 circles provide graduated segments according to distance control. The ball hit too hard at a hole on a Putting Mat will still go in the hole, most times. For me that’s not a great practice tool. A ball hit too hard on Putt18 will end being treated as it should past the target or hole and maybe in the sand, water or most likely in the +1 area. There are a lot of really good putting habits Putt18 is great for. Lag putting is a great way to play in real golf putting situations as well. 

On a practical level there needs to be about 20mm drop for the ball to stay in the hole. Any thinner and the ball pops out. Therefore the matting needed to be thicker at one end which generally mean a rise in the matting. (I was making them that way already). Traditional Putting Mats with holes are also boring and you tire quickly, even if you sink every putt in the hole. No Fun in that. The key was to create a game that everyone could play.

At the time I think I was thinking of the game and how it would score more than anything. How to make putting exciting, interactive and entertaining. Once you have a score, you have something to improve upon and someone else to compete against. That was the most important factor. The scoring became more important than the ball falling in a hole.


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Yes... this was an email between mates, but the sheer amount of experience and knowledge provided by Glenn makes you think why doesn't everyone have Putt18 at home yet!

Until next time.