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Putt18 World Pro League

The Putt18 World Pro League was created by Mini Golfers wanting to use their putting skills to compete when Mini Golf Course were closed during the many lockdowns during the Covid times. Having a putting competition that could be played regardless of lockdowns meant players from all over the world were able to connect. All is took was owning a Putt18 Putting Mat, someone to keep the scores and access to Facebook LIVE. Intergal to the creation of the Pro League were people like Allan Cox, Josh Mars, Nathan Lamplough, Matt Ansley, Tom Loftus, Richard and Emily Gottfried, Pat Sheridan and many others.


We always try to incorporate a community of charity spirit in all the putting events that we create. The Putt18 World Pro League hosts a Charity Event once a year called MAD HATTERS. Mad Hatters is a 5-Week event where every player is playing for the charity of their choice. Each week every player gets the opportunity to also where a different hat when that play. Mad Hatters highlights every players charity each week for 5 weeks.Today the Putt18 World Pro League has over 320 members and we hold an event generally every 5 weeks. Each week for 5 weeks, Players play 4 x 18 Hole rounds within 22 mins. The players need to film their rounds on Facebook Live and stream to the Putt18 World Pro League Facebook Page. The rounds are checked, scored and then the results are posted online. 

Putt18 World Pro League Country Representatives:

UK and Europe - David Gomm.

Australasia - Faye Ansley and Glenn Palmer.  

United States and Canada – Gary Shiff

Scoring Committee: Glenn Palmer, Dave Gomm, Faye Ansley, Brad Rogers

If you would like to play in the World Pro League then you will need to contact us in either one of the following ways:
  1. Email us via the Contact Us page on this website
  2. Email
  3. Private Message Glenn via the Putt18 Facebook Page