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Collection: 10 Practice Drills to be a becoming a better Matchplay Putter under pressure

Ok so when it comes to match play there are a lot of things we can discuss here and a lot have been said before. Pressure putting situations is something that most people have difficulty becoming good at. So how do we actually practise those pressure putting scenarios?

Putt18 Putting Mat Game gives you all the tools and drills required to putt well when faced with clutch putts in real life match play scenarios. It does this over and over again. You’ll be able to strengthen your ability to deal with being in front and the confidence levels required when the scenario is reversed and you are behind in matchplay.

A 2 person matchplay round takes around 5 to 6 minutes. So essentially, you could practice up to 10 matchplay games an hour. This works on building confidence levels and puts every  match through numerous pressure putting scenarios. Where else can you do that?

  1. If you are if front how do I stay in front

It’s important to start confident and aggressive. Getting ahead early is better than being a couple behind. Keep your cool and if you get 2 or 3 holes up early. Try convincing yourself that the match is still all square. That sends a neutral match mindset to the brain.

  1. Dealing with your opponent.

You’ve probably heard of playing the course well that true of Putt18. When playing Putt18 you will most likely have other people watching and a little bit of sledging going on. This is all good training for when you are on the Golf Course playing. If you can handle the sledging you can handle anything your opponent can throw at you.

  1. Dealing with your emotions

This can be a difficult thing when playing Putt18. But this is great practise steading your emotions when you are playing matchplay. The more you can practice this skill the more likely you’ll be able to do it out on the course during a match. Staying calm under pressure is key.

  1. Playing the clock

Just like playing golf altering the speed of Putt18 play in matchplay can put your opponents playing rhythm out of whack. Noticing subtle changes in his putting will tell you he’s feeling the pressure. 

  1. Put a smile on your dial

Stay positive and cheerful. Maybe not act over confident but maybe enough to know you are in control of the match and your opponent  may shows you signs of cracking. Once you put the smile on you have to keep it on, otherwise your opponent may ask you for the smile, perhaps when they are in front.

  1. Shut the hell up

If you are a Putter that likes to chat then stay chatty. If you aren’t then shut the hell up. Getting upset is not going to help your Putting Game. Putt18 is a great way to develop your friendly banter skills.

  1. Keeping Score

When playing Putt18 to improve your Pressure Putting you be place in numerous scenario’s each match so keeping score is imperative. A subtle reminder of the current score, if you are in front could be beneficial to you throughout the match.

  1. Keeping your cool

Don’t ease up when you are in front in your match and definitely don’t give up when your match is down. Be patient when you are down. Wait for a mistake and pounce.

  1. Keeping your history

With Putt18 you’ll be able to monitor and measure your win loss average of you and your opponent’s matches. Over time you’ll be able to see trends and try different technics to gain feedback into how you have performed.

  1. Wild Cards

With Putt18 you also have ability to play match play with Putt18 Wild Cards. The Wild Cards can influence the match. The strategic ways these cards play in a match play match will take your concentration levels to the next level. Knowing when and what Wild Card to play during the match will definitely strengthen your pressure putting skills. Advance golfers only….


March 2018

Glenn palmer