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Retirement and Lifestyle Villages

Looking for a social engaging fun activity for your Retirement or Lifestyle Village?

We offer Putt18 to Retirement and Lifestyle Villages throughout Australia in a Kit form as an added option to their social activity programs.

Putt18 is interactive, social and fun. It’s quick to set up and easy to play. Putt18 can be played both indoors and outdoors and only needs a flat hard surface. Not just a game but an experience using a unique scoring system. suitable to small or large numbers of people.  Play 9 or 18 holes without even living the Clubhouse. Easy to organise regular indoor Putting Competitions.

PUTT18 has water hazards, sand traps and birdies, eagles and pars. The unique feature is that you score like a round of golf.


WHAT DO YOU GET?  - Everything you’ll need to conduct regular Putting Competitions

  1. Putting Mat/s
  2. Putters – A number of soft head putters (if required)
  3. Hard Golf Balls – (If required)
  4. Putt18 Rules
  5. Score Cards – We have included a number of score cards which can be used to keep score. Unlimited scorecard downloads available at
  6. Leaderboard Scoresheet - For multiple player Putting Competitions.

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