You may are a teacher looking for 

  1. An activity that socially engages both male and female students equally?
  2. An activity that’s quick and easy to set up and roll away?
  3. An activity that’s can be used both indoors and outdoors?
  4. An activity has the a variety of challenges to suit all skill levels?

    Then Putt18 just may be the perfect sporting activity for your school.

    At Putt18 we believe that Golf should be fun, simple and easy to play for children of all ages and abilities. It should enriching and enhance the quality of children’s life’s. For a lot of children Putt18 is their first ever golfing experience and we enjoy seeing first-hand the joy that it brings on their faces. Many golfers like Greg Norman, Jason Day, Adam Scott, Karrie Webb all started with a Putter in their hand. We would like to see a future of successful Australian golfers beginning his or her journey with a Putt18 experience?


    Putt18 is an indoor/outdoor putting game designed to introduce students to the game of golf. For most this would be their first time. Putt18 is a great way for students to socially engage in a non physical sporting activity.


    Putt18 creates an environment where students can use their skills on a Putting Mat and record their scores.. Students can retain their score each week and compare against other students. Weekly competitions can be easily held at each school. In essence we give you the tools to coordinate a regular putting competition.


    We offer a different sizes kits to schools throughout Australia. The Putt18 for Schools kits are interactive, fun, easy to use and can be played both indoors and outdoors. So wet weather days are not a problem. Not just a game but an experience using a unique scoring system. You will be able to cater to small or large numbers of children.  You can tailor the games to suit younger and older children.

    You have complete flexibility in that you can play 9 or 18 holes depending on the time available and the number of children you have playing the activity. Putt18 has water hazards, sand traps and birdies, eagles and pars so it keeps the game exciting. The children like it because it’s a game where anyone can win. Putt18 scores like a round of golf, it’s quick and easy to play.

    • We can individually build a kit for you.
    • We have everything you need to get started.
    • 4, 6 or 8 mat Putt18 Kits


    Putt18 for Schools works because school age children have more refined gross motor skills and the cognitive skills to follow the logic of games with rules. Sportsmanship and teamwork are explored through active play. As children learn to play team games, educators play a role in mentoring, role-playing and intentionally teaching the concept of sportsmanship, team play, and how to deal with the difficulty of losing. 

    Putt18 for schools promotes cooperation, respect, consideration for the safety and well being of others and encouragement to achieve both individual and team goals. Putt18 also encourages team play and fun, but also to practice the skills of turn-taking, how to enter and exit play, as well as how to control impulses and manage feelings around winning and losing that are acceptable to the group.




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