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Lease or Hire

Lease Option: 

Putt18 for lease is about having an ongoing cost effective option for your venue. Some venues prefer to run their own Indoor Putting Events. You may be a Golf Club, Club, Social Club or Hotel wanting to either entertain or increase patrons to your venue. Lots of venues are running events. If you think Putt18 may help your venue and you'd like to start running regular Indoor Putting events we have the solution for you. 

Who would choose to Lease Putt18? Golf Clubs, Hotels and Clubs wishing to run their own putting competitions. It also a good way to test if your venue would like regular Indoor Putt Putt events held.

The Putt18 Lease Option is a month by month lease agreement. Usually a 3 month minimum.

What you get with the Lease Option:

We provide you with an Indoor Putting Kit that is completely portable and easy to set up. Every Portable Indoor Putting Kit includes the roll out - roll away putting surface.

  • 1 x Professional Putt18 Putting Mat
  • 6 x Putters
  • 6 x Golf Balls
  • Score Cards
  • "Rogers" Roll Back Bar
Please note: You do not have access to the Leaderboard Software and Ipad App when you lease Putt18. 

Hire Option: 

Putt 18 for hire is similar to other indoor events i.e. a trivia nights. An Indoor Putting Event can be showcased as a regular attraction or used to compliment an existing function or special occasion. Much like a pool table or indoor bowls, having an Indoor Putting Event that can be used within the venue creates a fun atmosphere for kids and grown ups alike. It’s also a great way to engage friends and locals. Great draw card for golfers, especially when the weather is poor and the golf course is closed.

The Putt18 Hire Option is a single/multiday agreement. 

What you get with the Hire Option:

  • 1 or 2 Professional Putt18 Putting Mat/s
  • 6 x Putters
  • 6 x Golf Balls
  • "Rogers" Roll Back Bar
  • Professional Host and Managed Event
  • Access to Leaderboard Software and Ipad APP 

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