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Clubs and Social Groups


Putt18 is a social, competitive and fun indoor golf putting mat game that’s perfect for clubs and social groups. Simple to learn and easy to play, patrons will enjoy a Putt18 competition as a regular event, fundraiser or wet weather activity. For social groups and retirement villages, Putt18 is simply a great portable, indoor golf game, whether you’re serious about golf or have never played before.

As close to real golf as you’ll get!
The Putt18 golf putting mat game scores like a round of golf. An 18 hole game is a par 72 putting course. Every hole is a potential eagle and you only get one putt per hole, just like actual golf. Score cards are provided (or golf clubs can use their own - make Putt18 the wet weather default activity!).

• Play 9 or 18 holes indoors
• Play single player or team scoring
• Stroke play or Match play
• Putt for pars, birdies and eagles
• Avoid the water and bunkers just like a real game of golf
• Play your Wild Cards to change the game

The Mulligan Card allows you to replay one shot

The Bonus Hole Card reduces your score by one point on one hole

The Challenge Card lets you make another player replay their shot

Flexible game time - Timing is flexible. A 30 person 9 hole stroke play competition takes around 45-60 minutes. One person can play 18 holes in about 3 minutes.

Portable, high quality putting mat - The Putt18 putting mat game is portable and easy to roll out and roll away and only requires a firm flat surface. The Club Pro kits include a heavy duty carry case.

Extensive R&D has gone into making the Putt18 putting mat a robust product. The material has passed stringent Stimpmeter tests in simulating a golf ball roll and speed on a putting green.

For aged care and disability groups, please also see our Wheelchair Golf Putting Mat Game.