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コレクション: Raise Funds For Your Chapter

Looking For a Fundraising Tool

So, if you’re a First Tee Chapter that needs to Fundraise but have limited resources then I think this may be the solution for you. Holding a Putting Competition is a great way to raise funding for your Chapter. This document highlights how to conduct Putting Competitions, raise funding and build brand awareness for your Chapter and The First Tee. Not only that, you’ll end up with a Putt18 Putting Mat for your Chapter. That’s a win, win, win.

I’m not sure how often you conduct fundraising activities or how successful they are, but one thing I do know is how good Putt18 can be in raising funds for a cause.

Putt18 is a unique Putting platform unlike any other. It’s not just a putting mat…. It’s a Putting Game that scores like a round of golf and people of all ages love to play it again and again because it’s fun. We raise funds in Australia this ways.
Putt18 Putting Mat is the perfect platform for fundraising. A simple set up in your local Shopping Mall, next public event or high traffic area can generate hundreds of dollars for your chapter per day.
9 Hole Putting Competition
Putt18 plays 9 holes in 90 seconds. The players pay a $1 to play 9 holes. Each player posts a score and they can play as many times as they like. The scores can be easier recorded on a score-card (this is provided) and then recorded on a leader-board or a simple spreadsheet with all other players’ scores. You can even brand the score-cards and people can take them home.
People walking past see others playing and having fun. They see the scores and start to play and join in. They want to see if they can beat the posted scores and maybe win a prize.


What do they win?
  • Easy, you may have several local businesses willing to donate their product or service. That creates brand awareness for their product in a high traffic area. What business would say no to that? Plus they are supporting The First Tee.
  • You may also have, through your local connections, access to your local golf course and golf pros who could donate rounds of golf, lesson packs or Golf equipment.
  • One prize per week or prizes per day you decide based on the number of prize’s that you have to give-a-way.
What’s required to run a Putt18 Putting Competition?
  • Small dedicated space for your Chapter (6ft wide x 10ft long)
  • 2 x Putt18 Putting Mat
  • People (Players)
  • Some small signage about the First Tee and the Putting Competition
  • A couple of volunteers and some seating
  • Putters and Golf Balls
People can play 9 holes for a $1 donation. They can play as many times as they like. You could also promote a bulk buy rate. Example: Buy 6 games for a $5 or 12 games for $10.
What is your Investment Cost?
(1) Putt18 Putting Kit = $170.00USD approx. (Delivered to your door)
(2) Putt18 Putting Kits = $320.00USD approx. (Delivered to your door)
ROI – Using (1) Putt18 Putting Game
1 Putt18 Putting Game = 40 games per hour (@90 seconds per 9 hole game)
5 hours a day:  40 x 5 = 200 games maximum per day
200 games per day @ $1 per game = $200 per day
ROI – Using (2) Putt18 Putting Game
2 Putt18 Putting Game = 80 games per hour (@90 seconds per 9 hole game)
5 hours a day:  80 x 5 = 400 games maximum per day
400 games per day @ $1 per game = $400 per day

 *Putt18 has paid for itself in 1 day.*Not only that, you have a Putt18 Putting Kit for your Chapter to use whenever you want and you’ve also raised money for your Chapter.


Glenn Palmer, Putt18, April 2018