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コレクション: 6 Awesome Tailgate Games

So it goes something like this:

  • So typically you’ve planned ahead and arrived early
  • Then there’s the meet and greet with the neighbours and friends.
  • Then the set up.
  • Then its food and drinks.

What about entertainment for the kids and don’t forget the adults?

Ok so you’re tired of the usual tailgating activities. Maybe you’re looking for something new and easy to play. Something that will keep the tribe happy and appeal to their competitive spirit.

Putt18 is a fun and easy game for the entire family to play. Appealing to both children and adults.

Putt18 is a Putting Game that scores like a round of golf. So it’s a par 72. You are essentially putting for an eagle on every hole. You can play singles, pairs or teams, Match play or Strokeplay and it usually takes about 2 to 3 minutes to play 18 holes. It’s actually a great lag putting practice tool and fun to play.

It’s a challenge to break par so competitive people like to play. Putt18 can be easy rolled out and rolled away. Because Putt18 scores like a round of golf, you’ll be able to post a score and the next player can compete for the lowest score. You can even set up a 4 round tournament. When playing matchplay you’ll get those match play clutch putt scenario’s where you stomach turns and the pressure is truly felt. No other Putting Mat allows you to practice this. With your mates watching and sledging it can be a real test to make the putt.

It’s a load of fun and I can just imagine Tailgaters playing this at football games. The game also comes with Wild Cards which can be used to create a strategic play element to the game. Scores are kept on score cards or on your mobile device through the Leaderboard website. This is not just another Putting Mat…

 Lowest score is 18 eagles. How many will you eagles will you make?

  1. Individual Stroke Play – Lowest round
  2. Individual Stroke Play – Lowest average
  3. Stroke Play – Lowest Combined Team score
  4. Individual Match Play – Knock out rounds (winner plays on)
  5. Team Match Play - Girls V Boys
  6. Team Match Play - Parents V Kids

Glenn Palmer