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We are an Australian company located on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia.

As Managing Director Glenn Palmer I am an avid golfer and love the game of golf. I was disappointed and frustrated, like many people with the quality of putting mats on the market; I decided to create a better way to practice and developing my putting skills in a way that was more interactive and fun to play. I could never find a putting mat that would lay flat. They were lifeless and not interactive enough to maintain my interest so I decided to make my own.

Golf is a great social activity and usually played outside. In reality, to become a good putter, you need to practise lots and I found I could do that on the practise putting green but how and when could I do this away from the Golf Course. The fact was traditional Putting Mats were really boring. After deciding to make my own brand of Putting Mats called ProMaster, I also realised that despite including break shapes, break snakes and hole reducers didn't seem interactive enough to me.

So, the key was to create a game that scored like a round of golf. A Putting game that gave me the same thrill and competitive feel that was quick and easy to set up that challenged me every time I played it. A Putting Game that could challenge the best putters and also engage someone that hasn't held a putter in their hand before. A Putting Game that you could practice strokeplay and matchplay that could engage up to 4 players or perhaps even more if I had multiple mats. Posting a low score and seeing if you or someone else can beat it. I wanted to enjoy practicing whilst getting better at the same time. I was tired of the same old boring technique of putting to a lifeless cup or ball return on a Putting Mat that wouldn't lay flat. After all putting represents 40% of your golf game and practicing that part of your game is crucial especially when the sun goes down. I added in a few wild cards just for fun and there you have it, Putt18 the Indoor Putting Game was born.

Putt18 appeals to a wide cross section of people worldwide. I love seeing people laughing and having fun. Seeing people playing Putt18 and laughing is one of the best feelings in the world. What started as a hobby initially has developed into an exciting personal journey. I have learnt a lot from the many years of playing golf with my father, friends and I’ve had many experiences on the golf course along the way. By far the biggest thrill is watching children playing Putt18 for the first time. I see their nervousness and then the excitement in their eyes when they putt a birdie, par or even an eagle. I'm so grateful to be able to have created a product like Putt18. I have personally introduced putting to many families and witnessed people of all ages share great memories.

Where is Putt18 Played?

Putt18 History:

After 5 successful years of manufacturing and selling Promaster Putting Mats in Australia, I wanted to create a Putting Mat that was interactive, fun that would appeal to golfers and non-golfers, something families could enjoy. 

In 2010, I came up with a new concept and put together some initial mock ups. Back then I spend many months looking for a material that I could print onto. These are the first ever drawings of Putt18.

Sample Drawings April 2010 For a PDF Download Click Here

The main challenge I faced was finding the finding a putting mat material that could be printed on. This proved more difficult than I thought. Frustrated and unable to find the right material and needing to spent more time on earning an income I struggled to find the finances to develop the product any further. I put my plans for a new putting mat on hold for the next 3 years.

In July 2013, I decided to create an actual layout version in my garage using some cardboard cut outs on one of my old ProMaster 312 Putting Mats. I started to search again for a company that I could source the material I could print on.

First Matting Design (July 2013) For a PDF Download Click Here

I eventually tracked down a company in China, but due to funding issues and time constraints it took another 12 months to create the first prototypes of the product. I spent many hours testing various matting types. I finally found the perfect matting material for Putt18. After receiving several versions and after several trips overseas speaking with the manufacturer I finally decided on the material and layout format for the Putting Mat (Game).

Determined not to have a substandard product, I know that I have done the research and testing to find the best putting surface to challenge even the most experienced Pro Golfer. The end product is made from high quality matting, promising true roll. I wanted to reflect the effort put into this struggle to get a product on the market and that’s why I have included a 5 year manufacture guarantee. 

At this point I needed a brand name. A name that would describe the product. 18 putts = 18 holes. It had to be called Putt18.

My Father - Keith Palmer

When first compiling the history of Putt18 my father was 86 and he didn’t get on the golf course anymore. We still played Putt18 and shared the competitive spirit together. Not everyone will have an opportunity to experience golf on a golf course or share the positive opportunities that I did. I really want people to experience what it feels like to putt for a par, birdie or even an eagle and actually make the putt like you would if you were playing a round of golf and share that emotion with others. 

My father passed in August 2018 a little less than 2 years after mum passed. Dad was the main influence in my life and a great role model. He always offered support and guidance and help to others whenever the opportunity arose. He was an immense supporter of my journey and his legacy lives on through Putt18 today. I’m sure he would be smiling, proud and very happy that our humble putting sessions in the living room amounted to a putting game shared by so many. 


Glenn Palmer, Dec 2019

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