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コレクション: 10 reasons why you might want to have Putt18 Putting Mat at your venue.

Depending on your demographic we can cater our Indoor Putting Events to your target market.

  1. Dedicated Ladies Night – Promotion to support and encourage ladies night. Club vouchers, buy a cocktail/drink to enter. Includes Pink Golf Balls.
  2. Football Friday Shoot Out – Promotion to support and encourage attendance pre Friday Night Football. Buy a drink to enter.
  3. Sunday Football Putt Off - Promotion to support and encourage attendance pre Sunday afternoon Football. Buy a drink to enter.
  4. Children’s Putt Putt – Promotion/event that can be run on Sundays to help promote Sunday lunch or Dinner attendance. Kids prizes can be included. This encourages families to stay for lunch or dinner.
  5. Team Putt Putt – Can include a team night or 2 or 3 people per team. Each group has a Team Name on the leaderboard. This event can also cater to a large number of players.
  6. Beat the Pro Night – Can be an added inclusion. We have a Golf Pro that turns up and anyone that can beat the pros score wins a voucher.
  7. Fund Raising Event – Indoor Putt Putt can also be a great vehicle to generate funding for a particular cause. It could be used to raise funds for a Social Club, Junior Members or even support a local charity.
  8. Under 35’s Putt Putt – Great way to get this age group involved and playing. This attracts both girls, guys to the venue and a great excuse to speak to each other.
  9. Themed Putt Putt – Fancy dress Putt Putt. Just image the event where you get to dressed up as your favourite Sports Man or Sports Woman.
  10. Best of the Best – After running regular events the winners play the end of year final series. Each venue would have a dedicated night where the best of the best play off in a multi round playoff.

Of course, you may have an idea of your own.