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コレクション: What's so good about a Putt18 Putting Mat


People often ask me so what is so good about your Putting Mat and what makes it so different to all the rest of the Putting Mats out there. I do like this question.

Putt18 is a Putting Game that teaches you to putt and play golf better in the comfort of your home or work environment. Putt18 can be played either by yourself or with friends and family in a fun and easy way.




It’s Fun and Interactive:

Yep, it’s loads of fun, very interactive and easy to play. Unlike most Putting Mats which tend to be one dimensional Putt18 has a unique scoring system which is similar to how you score a round of golf. Putt18 allows you to can play either 9 or 18 holes, strokeplay and matchplay and you used score cards provided, like you do during a round of golf, to you write down a score on each hole. The person or team with the lowest score is declared the winner. You can keep multi round scores and have your own putting competitions. No other Putting Mat scores the way Putt18 scores. What this does is create an infinite number of game scenarios every time you play Putt18.


Lag Putting:

Putt18 teaches lag putting is a great way to avoid 3 putting and great for understand green speed. The 3 holes on Putt18 teach you an easier way to learn how to putt. By putting to a target or point on a Putting Mat surface your focus is entirely about distance control and not so much sinking the putt. With Putt18 you can start off by trying to putt the ball into the largest circular point and then move to the small circular points over time. Increasing your skill level gradually.


Pressure Putting:

Because there are rules to the Putt18 Putting Mat game, just like in golf, you only get one chance per hole to make that eagle, birdie, par putt count. With Putt18 you are putting for an eagle on every hole…. When playing someone matchplay when playing Putt18, you will definitely feel that turning sensation in your stomach on those clutch putts. You can physically replicate the nervousness and tension you get in real life situations when playing Putt18. Putt18 allows you to practise ways to deal with that nervousness and tension to develop your strengths in overcoming these challenges. Remember practice makes perfect.


Visualising the Line:

With Putt18 no 2 putts are identical on the Putt18 putting mat. You get to putt the ball 18 times from 18 different lines. Each putt is a slightly different length and you are visualising the target from a slightly different angle. Training the eye’s to see subtle variations in length is a perfect way the teach distance control.


Wild Cards:

I forgot to mention with a Putt18 Putting Mat each player or team can use the 3 wild cards that are included with the Putt18 game. The wild cards add some extra twists to the game. You can challenge other players by making them replay their putt. The wild cards can be selectively used by each player to change the course of the match.

  • The Mulligan Card is used to allow you to replay your shot.
  • The Bonus Hole Card allows you to reduce your score by one.
  • The Challenge Card is slightly different. It the only card that allows you to challenge any one of your opponents. When you play the Challenge card the player must replay their shot.


Putt18 Leaderboard App:

Putt18 Putting mat game come with access to an online Leaderboard where you can use any mobile device to score and save you games.