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コレクション: 10 Need To Know Things before you Buy a Putting Mat



  1. Will it lay flat when you roll it out? Ask that question if nothing else…
  2. Packaging - a rolled mat will generally lay flat. Boxed packaging – it may look better but ensure that the mat is rolled and not folded inside. Most matting has a memory and it can be difficult if there are creases or folds on the surface they can be difficult to flatten out.
  3. Try the mat first if possible. See how the ball rolls to determine realistic true roll. Difficult if buying online. Look for statements regarding true roll or stimp speed.
  4. Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to Putting Mats. A smaller (under 10ft) roll out and roll away is ideal for a small area and is what most people can improve their putting skills with. A smaller mat is also very travel friendly. Can be used in motels or for trade shows etc.
  5. Putting Mats can be a great gift item. Golfers can become easily bored if they don’t find them challenging enough. Best to ensure that they offer more than just a hole or ball return at one end.
  6. Multi speed mats are good for becoming more aware of variations in distance control. Being able to own a Putting mat that helps with distance control is a must. There are several that offer distance control drills. Multiple putting targets and multiple putt lengths help with this skill as well.
  7. A non-slip backing is important. Most inexpensive Putting Mats do not have this.
  8. Most Putting Mats are only suitable for indoor use. If you want to use the mat outdoors you should ask about the UV inhibitor in the material or if it the mat is suitable for long term outdoor use.
  9. Smaller sized holes or various targets are a great way to practise lag putting.
  10. Like most things we buy today, an expensive Putting Mat may not be the highest quality product. Make sure that the Putting Mat that you buy promises longer term use by keeping the person or people engaged and wanting to play and practice their putting more.


Have fun putting. Glenn Palmer