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Office Golf and Teambuilding



The office culture has indeed changed. A Putt18 Putting Mat is ideally suited to your office environment. A Putt18 Putting Mat Game scores like a round of golf so its easy to create an Office Putting Competition. It takes less space than a table tennis table, can be rolled out and rolled away easily. A game of Putt18 brings everyone together. It’s original, interactive and a whole lot of fun. See who really is the best putter in the Office.


Click Here to view and download the Office Golf User Guide which includes Office Game Plays and Scorecards. 

Unlimited scorecard downloads available from our Downloads Page.

Maybe the office needs a step up from the table tennis table or your needing another sport for your office Olympics. It fits in most places easily; the minimum space required is 3m x 1m.  Alternatively we can come and run Putt18 "Drive For Show, Putt For Dough” corporate challenge in your office.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

Corporate Event, Tradeshows and Fundraisers

.If you have an important corporate event, promotion or fundraiser, use the Putt18 Office Putting Kit as the ideal draw card. Both golfers and non-golfers will be keen to have a go. You could include a putting competition including several prizes. This is a great way to obtain contact information and promote your product.

Click here to buy Putt18 Office Golf Kit.

"Drive For Show and Putt For Dough" Office Putting Competitions

Why not try our "Putt18 - Drive For Show and Putt For Dough” Office Putting Challenge. At this stage the hosted events are only available in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW. We supply all the equipment:

• Host, Putting Mat/s, Putters, Golf Balls, Score Cards, Leader Board, Prizes and Trophies. EMAIL US to find out more

Office Golf Game Play Overview

Outline of Gameplay:

Arrange two teams. Decide on a captain for each team - Captain decides the order of their team. Each players score is kept and totaled – The team with the lowest combined score wins. (If teams are uneven then the team with the lowest average wins) The player with the lowest score is deemed to be the Best Putter is the Office and has bragging rights (until the next comp). If two players shoot the same lowest score then it’s a playoff. Refer to the rules for playoffs. A special prize is given to a player that scores the most eagles or the most -2’s. The Player that scores the most birdies or the most -1 can be acknowledge with prize as well. Two players putt at a time. One from each team. Player 1 from team one would putt 3 putts and then player 1 from team two putts 3 putts and so on.


Simply go to the Download Page and download the following or click the links below to get started.

4 Player Team 9 Hole Score Card - For Office - Click Here

Office Team Summary Scorecard Click Here 

Individual Player Summary Sheet - Click Here