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Putt18 Charities

Our company is aligned with several local communities and charities. We have worked alongside Challenge Cancer at the Australian Open at the Australian Golf Club in 2019. We have also provided our Putting Mat Game to Ronald Macdonald House, Sargood (Spinal Injury Accommodation), and Royal Rehab.

Putt18 is not only a great way to have fun back a great tool for re-building hand and eye coordination.

We always try to incorporate a community of charity spirit in all the putting events that we create. The Putt18 World Pro League hosts a Charity Event once a year called MAD HATTERS. Mad Hatters is a 5-Week event where every player is playing for the charity of their choice. Each week every player gets the opportunity to also where a different hat when that play. Mad Hatters highlights over 25 charities around the globe each week for 5 weeks.

We have also designed and modified putter for people in wheelchairs. These modified putters together with our arm sleeves provide a welcome resource for wheelchair bound putting enthusiasts.

Here are a couple charities that we would be happy to recomend.

Challenge Cancer - Leuk the Duck Merchandise

Beyond Blue - Beyond Blue Website