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Ability Program

Our Ability Program is designed to enable people of all abilities to play Putt18.

We measure, fit and manufacture putters on an individual basis. The putters that we make are specially designed for people in wheelchairs and enable most people in wheelchairs to play Putt18.



Putt18 Putter Sleeve:  The Putter Sleeves can help to stabilise the putter. The Putter Sleeves can be worn around the hand, around the forearm or around both if required.

We have Small, Medium and Large sizes available. The Putter Sleeves are made in Australia from medical grade elastic.  Simply attached the Putter Sleeve to either your arm and or hand and insert the putter. Simply undo the Velcro to remove the putter.


Testimonial: Dave Sawtell


Hi my name is Dave Sawtell. I’m the 2014 world long drive golf champion for people in wheelchairs, I’m also a World and Guinness World record holder. I myself have been helping with Putt18 and I fully recommend Putt18. It is a great way for all disabled people like myself to get out and be active be that in schools or social activities on weekends. It will be great to see this going for all abilities able or disable.

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