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Corporate Putting Challenge


We believe that people should be happy within their work environment. We also believe that people need some time to relax and have a little fun in that working environment every now and again. 
We organize an in house putting competitions designed to build team spirit and bond employees in a relaxed and social environment. Everybody enjoys putting. Everybody has fun and anyone can win.
Our "Putt18 - Drive For Show Putt For Dough" Corporate Challenge is our premium Corporate Product and includes prizes, a host and an electronic real time Leader Board.
Whether you’re a first time putter or elite golfer, we’ve created a great Corporate Event that's fun and exciting. Our Corporate Putting Challenges engage the entire office and brings the team together.
Strength will not influence the result. Size will not make a difference what so ever. However, you will need to be calm and relaxed under pressure. Golf Pros do it week after week. Now you can too. Can you make putts in pressure situations? How will you fair when your team needs you? How will you keep your focus when the pressure is on you? 


We provide all the equipment. Every Corporate Putting Challenge includes a Host who will run the event and can also give some helpful putting tips and advice throughout the session. Prizes can be included during the event.

For a quote for our "Putt18 Drive for Show Putt for Dough" Corporate Putting Challenge simply complete the contact form by clicking here

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