The Putting Warehouse is especially proud to be associated with Ross Baker, Australia’s foremost traditional Clubmaker and fellow Putter enthusiast. Ross is a passionate and dedicated Clubmaker who has spent most of his adult life living within his craft. In an era when we are surrounded by fast paced lifestyles, mass produced products and never ending technology, it’s great to know that there is still a place where tradition still lives and is recognised. Using Traditional tools and materials the art of Traditional Clubmaking is alive and well.
Every putter / club is proudly handcrafted in Australia by

Ross Baker – Clubmaker


The Putting Warehouse has an initial range of both Long Nose Putters and Traditional Hickory Putters Hand Crafted by Ross Baker.


The Long Nose Putters are collector items and as such can be used as trophies, auctions or purchased as an investment. They can be purchased framed or unframed. Because of the time taken to hand make the Putters and uniqueness of each Putter, we are limited to only a small number per year. (Forward orders can be taken upon request). Click Here to view Tradiitional Long Nose Putters.


The Restored Hickory Putter range is a range of the highest quality. We only sell the “Better Quality, More Collectible” type of hickory putters. They range in price from $150 to $200 each. Click Here to view Restored Hickory Putters.


Each putter / playclub on this site is hand crafted using tools, materials & skills similar to those used by the early Longnose club makers of the 1800’s. Timbers popular with early Clubmakers, such as hawthorn, apple, pear & other suitable timbers are used to produce clubs uniquely individual. Each club bears the makers name, date made, type of timber used and weight of club. Great care is taken to ensure that no two clubs are alike.


In keeping with the traditional methods of clubmaking lead is added to the back as weight, as it was in original clubs. A number of coats of Shellac are put over the lead as protection, however care should be taken not to come in contact with the lead and under no circumstances should the protective covering be scratched, sanded or rubbed to expose the lead surface. Lead is a health hazard. Keep this club away from children.


It is important that you take note of the following points:
  • Wooden putters can be used for normal putting on putting greens only.
  • Playclubs are made for the purpose of trophies or presentation clubs.
  • They are not suitable for playing full shots or striking golf balls due to the hardness of the modern golf ball.
  • Always ensure that your club is dried and aired at room temperature after use.
  • Use Shelac and or a wood polish to keep a waterproof covering on the club at all times.

Every putter or club made by Ross Baker includes the following information to maintain its uniqueness.
  • Type of Club
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Head Timber
  • Shaft Timber
  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Other Features
Ross has handcrafted a Putter or Club at most Australian Open Golf Championships since 2004. The clubs he made over the 4 days of the tournaments have now found “Pride of Place” in the club houses of Royal Sydney Golf Club, The Australian Golf Club, New South Wales Golf Club (N.S.W).  With other clubs including Riversdale Golf Club (Vic) Talbot Golf Club (Vic) & Narromine Golf Club (N.S.W) ”

21st April 2012.

Ross Baker - Hand Crafted Putters
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