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We pride ourselves in providing you with the right tools to enhance your corporate event. If you have an important Corporate Event, Special Function or Exhibition or Promotion approaching we have several interactive solutions that you may like to consider.


Our Portable Indoor Putting Mats, Putting Lanes and Simulators are the ideal draw cards for any Corporate Event or Exhibition. 

Tradeshows and Exhibitions:

  • Are you looking at ways to attract more people to your stand?
  • What if we could increase your traffic by 20 or even 30%?
What We Do:

Have you ever considered having an interactive area on your stand? We can provide you with an interactive Golf Putting area for the duration of your tradeshow. We’ll even include a Putting Instructor to manage the area and attract attendees to your stand. We are sales focused and specialize in making attendees feel receptive to your product.


Our Putting Products:


Our premium Portable Indoor Putting Mats are second to none and are currently used by the PGA Junior Golf Program. Crowne Plaza Hotels also use our Indoor Putting surface within the Australia during the Australian Open . We install and remove the Putting area and provide all the equipment required throughout the tradeshow, event or function. Small or large areas can be easily accommodated with our Portable Indoor Putting Mats. Larger areas can be accommodated with our Indoor/Outdoor Putting Lanes.


Our Putting Instructors:


Our Putting Instructors know how to make people feel at ease quickly. Free tuition and helpful advice is always welcomed and appreciative. This is a great way to earn trust and to build a good rapport. We make people feel relaxed, comfortable and receptive to information.


How do we do this?

  • We spend time prior to the event understanding your product or service
  • We discuss and implement a joint strategy to best attract clients to your stand
  • We review the strategy on a daily basis to maximize your return on investment  

Putting Competitions and Prizes: (Optional) 

Throughout the event, you may like to include a putting competition with several prizes. This is a great way to obtain key contact information through business cards or swipe cards. The prizes can be awarded at the end of each day. Prizes can include Putting Mats, Putting Trainers, Golf Balls and Putting Lessons or several products and services that you offer.

Sydney Maritime Museum - Konica Minolta Stand 2009

Portable Indoor Putting Lane was provided to encourage function attendees to their stand during a recent seminar.



Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre - Australian Dental Industry Association Inc - Medfin Stand 2010


For this exhibition we used two Portable 309 Putting Lanes with flowers for borders. The client also held a competition in conjunction with the exhibition. 




A Single Timber Crafted Putting Lane:

Parchem 2011

Agility Golfing Challenge - 2009

Sydney, Darling Harbour - BlackBerry Promotion 2010


Single Lane incorporating a putting competition. The winner was decided by an exciting Sudden Death Shootout.




Torquay Melbourne - BlackBerry Promotion 2010



Holland Insurance - 2010



Adam Scott Fundraiser - 2010




Biesse - 2010



Reed - 2010




Esys - 2010



Larger Multple Putting Lanes:

Depending on your budget and available space you may want to consider hiring larger putting lanes.

Sydney, Sergeants Mess - BlackBerry Promotion 2010
This event incorporated 4 Putting Lanes, a Putting Instructor and an ongoing Putting Competiton with prizes. Participants needed to submit their business card to enter.

Macau Tourism - April 2010


 Melbourne Crown Casino  - Kauri Cliffs Promotional Launch 2009


3 Putting Lanes situated on top of Crown Casino. Putting competition and putting instruction was made available to each guest on the day.



Australian PGA Show 2003


 AIMEX - Golf Simulator and Multiple Putting Lanes at the Super Dome Sydney


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